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100 sets 4inch desilter cones shiped to Malaysia

Today, DC Machinery shipped 100sets 4" desilter cones for our old partners from Malaysia. Who are construction enterprises of state-owned enterprises and already purchased about 50 sets desilters from our company used in different countries. 

A hydrocyclone is an important part of desander and desilter also is a quick wear part of mud cleaners. Hydrocyclones static device that applies centrifugal force to a flowing liquid mixture so as to promote the separation of heavy and light components.

A hydrocyclone is most likely to be the right choice for processes where "lights" are the greater part of the mixture and where the "heavies" settle fairly easily.

Generally, hydrocyclones are used in continuous flow systems so that the instantaneous liquid inflow to the hydrocyclone is equal to the total instantaneous outflow of "lights" plus "heavies". In cases where "heavies" are a very small part of the whole liquid, it is sometimes advantageous to add a closed receiver (called an accumulator) on the bottom outlet of the hydrocyclone.

In some applications, The hydrocyclones produced by DC Machinery are capable of sharp separations of "heavies" and "lights". In other situations, they are used for incremental enrichment, reducing the load on other, more costly separation equipment and improving the overall operating economics.