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1200pcs framed shaker screens shipped to Pakistan


Shale shaker screen is fine mesh (single, dual or triple layered) used for filtering and separating drilling cuttings from mud (drilling fluid). It is of great importance to drilling efficiency. 

DC Machinery shipped 1200 pcs shaker screen to our repeat pakistan client. The frame is made of composite materials resistant to corrosive drilling muds. Storage life of screen panels with composite frame is over 5 years. 

Composite frame screen panels have an effective area 10-20% larger than metal framed screen panels.High quality fiber glass is used to improve temperature rating of the composite material, the composite frame maintains its properties under temperature of up to140 degrees Celsius.

DC Machinery offers shale shaker screen for sale for international and regional branded shaker shaker. Please note the shale shaker screen we provide is replacement to the original manufacturer and not meant to be made by the said manufacturers. If you are looking for the originals, please contact them directly through their official sites.