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150 GPM Mini mud recycline system


HDD&CBM drilling can be called mud recycling system . DC produce complete equipment for HDD ( Horizontal Directional Drilling ) and CBM ( Coal Bed Methane ) and water well, mining and geothermal well drilling mud recycling system .

One 150 GPM Mini mud recycling system consists of :

Mud tank overall dimension of 9000mm *2400mm *2200mm

Decanting centrifuge  DCLW350-1250

Shale shaker DCS630-3

Mud cleaner DCQ200*1/100*2

Slurry pump 50 YZ50-20


Used for processing and storing of circulated fluid drill rig drilling , non-rig drilling , sand cleaning and dry , coal washing , coal dust recovery .

150 GPM mini mud recycline system