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16 Sets DCSB Series sand pump for Pakistan water well site

Good news, DC Solid control got a order of 16 sets different models of sand pump from Pakistan water well service company. Accoridng to 15 days production, these sand pump will packaged well and prepare for delivery. 

Sand pump is an important equipment in water well mud cycling system, be able to deliver corrodive drilling fluid(with suspended particulates) or other liquid media under similar work condition, are the best optional pumos of sand removers, mud recovers and mixing hoppers as well as perfect perfusion pumps of mud pumps. 

The DCSB sand pump adopts the axial inhaled structure, composed by the motor and pump head, connected by the coupling and belt, with the technical of mechanical seal and combination seal construction, to ensure no leakage for more than 1 year. The bearing is lubricated by lubrication oil and grease, to lengthening the lifetime of the Sand Pump. The sand pump has two types, horizontal Sand Pump and vertical pump. 

DC Solid control had been involved in the field of centrifugal pumps in China for more than 10 year with complete technical process: Mold making, casting, physical and chemical testing, processing, assembling, testing, etc. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information!