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2 phase DCLW series decanter centrifuge for sales


DCLW Series decanter centrifuges adopt high-quality special stainless steels for main wetted parts, and inlay hard alloy and ceramic parts, to improve anti-corrosion and abrasion resistance. In addition, the equipment integrates a higher separation factor, larger clarification area, optimized feed system, drive system and adjustable parameter control, all of which guarantees optimal clarification & separation efficiency and economy.

DCLW 2 phase decanting centrifuge is driven by two motors. The main motor drives the drum and differential shell rotation by the belt . The vice motor drives the spiral through the differential variable speed . The drum and spiral rotate together in the same direction, but at different speeds . Separate the solid phases in the drilling mud by the centrifugal sedimentation principle. 

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6. 24 months Mechanical Warranties

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