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3 Pannels shaker designed by DC Solid control

DC Solid conterol provides the 3 and 4 Panel Linear motion shale shakers meet the needs of solids separation in a large number of different industries.

To name a few, Drilling, (whether it be used in Oil and Gas as a primary or drying shaker, Water Well, or HDD), Dredging, Mining and Dewatering for waste disposal.

Shale shakers are intensive vibrating devices. At the first stage of mud separation, they utilize a motor to generate vibrations. Acting as a sieve, the vibrating action pushes the drilling mud through a wire cloth screen. Drilling mud that filters through the shaker screen is moved into a mud tank for additional processing if necessary. Larger solids pass over the screen surface and are discharged for later collection and disposal.

For example, the 3 pannel shale shakers, The 3 pannel shale shaker boasts a gross screening surface area of 30 square feet, which is comparable to other manufactures 4 panel shakers. This equates to less screen cost per job and drier solids. Combine these features with a wedge lock system that makes changing screens simple and quick, a manual jacking system that increases or decreases the incline of the screening deck. 

Please checkout our newest product for the 3 Panel,  We now offer an Enclosed Shaker that is available for purchase.