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Accelerating type drilling fluid centrifuge


The centrifuge is according the high throughput and high separation accelerating speed to design the new type drilling fluid centrifuge. The big characteristics of the new centrifuge is the drilling fluid is accelerated at the beginning of feeding month, because the drilling fluid obtain a big accelerating, so residence time is in full accelerating stage.


The new spiral unloader has several independent sectors. The tube including a drilling fluid accelerator and transportation device on the surface of desilting pool, and the drum use the new frame structure and shaft flow line structure. The design is improving the content of centrifuge and accelerating drilling fluid, then keep the high separation efficiency.


Technological innovation


Feeding accelerator

The design of feeding accelerator is changing a high speed axial drilling fluid feeding into the radial feeding motion, the surface of four long forms accelerating impeller force drilling fluid dispersion in the big range.


Subsidence surface spiral discharge device

The function of Subsidence surface spiral discharge device is preventing small particles liquid phase axial flow to drum, it precipitates in the bottom of desilting pool.


From the discharge end feeding

The design use unique feeding methods, drilling fluid is fully taken into the district of discharge end, in the district, solid phase precipitate to drum and is pushed to discharge end, the structure decreased the elimination process of fine particles.