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Adjustment of shale shaker screen box dip angle


When slurry discharging quantity is too large or escaping because of a higher viscosity, the screen box dip angle should be adjusted. The best dip angle is that one preventing slurring from escaping. The screen box dip angle of shale shaker can be discretionarily regulated by the values including -1°, 0°, 1°, 2°, 3°, 4°, 5°.


When adjusting, the oil return valve of the hand pump should be screwed down firstly and tightly. At the same time, lightly press the manual rocker until the lifting slide bushing will be going up a little. By this step, have the pin drawn off with pressurizing finished manually. The movement of the hydraulic cylinder will change screen box dip angle. When the regulation finishes, the facility will not resume its work until the bolt pin is inserted with oil return valve unscrewed.


While the shaker screen is running, the slurry should cover 3/4 of the screen cloth. If the covered area is not up to the standard, it shows that the screen mesh is too big. And for improving its purifying effect, we should change a screen with higher mesh number to use.