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Advantage of shale shaker wave screen


Screen is the important part in sieving, and is a kind of easy consumable in drilling.

Because of the drilling fluid has corrosivity, abrasiveness and heat, and needed to eliminate solid particles for a long time, so generally, the material of shaker screens are all made of stainless steel wire which disposed by heat treatment technology, moreover, auxiliary support structure are made of steel plate, galvanized sheet, plastic plate, etc.


With the development of science and technology continuously, in order to enhancing the sieving effect of screen, wave screen appeared. It is improved and upgraded from plate type screen, started to be applied in the mid 1990 s.


Wave screen synthesize the advantage of common crochet screen and orifice plate adhesion screen, but it is based on the structure size of shale shaker will not be increased, and the frequency and exciting force of vibration exciter will not be  changed.


The best advantage of wave screen is that it breaks the limitation of traditional plate screen, because of the unique wave of screen, it is not only has the service life and purifying effect of orifice plate adhesion screen, but also enhancing the filter area of screen farthest.

When the drilling fluid flow past screen surface, the solid phase will flow to valley bottom of corrugation, vertical surface can provide more area for drilling fluid, so compared with flat surface screen, the wave screen has stronger through capacity. The thruput is larger 30%~40% than orifice plate adhesion screen and other flat surface screens. And wave screen increases the residence time of drilling fluid on the screen surface, has a better sieving effect.