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Advantages and shortcomings of Drilling mud gun


Drilling mud gun can be used for stirring dead zone, assisting mud agitator.


Advantages of Drilling Mud Gun.

Compared with mud agitator, the investment cost of mud gun is lower.

Under the premise of satisfy enough pump power can use drilling pump.

Can focus on a particular area to reduce or eliminate blind area.

Compared with mud agitator, the weight of mud gun is lighter.

Can improve the shear rate.

Can be used for transfer drilling fluid.


Shortcomings of Drilling Mud Gun.

If use drilling mud gun to stir alone, many mud guns will be needed, the cost of pump and pipeline is larger.

Surface high pressure nozzle will make the drilling fluid inflatable.

The wear of nozzle will lead to high-speed flow, needed greater power, if the nozzle not changed timely, may lead to motor overload.

If the solid particles have already precipitated, drilling mud gun shoot to sediment directly, the sediment may block pump, conical shield or centrifuge.