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Advantages of low speed decanter centrifuge


Structure of low speed centrifuge


The design of low speed decanter centrifuge is reasonable, it can efficiency eliminate the dead angle, structure part is transition tactful, the surface is polished process, the external structure part, fastener and drum all use stainless steel. The outer skin is renovate type. The centrifuge outer skin, drum and interlayer space are rinsed thoroughly.


Use of low speed centrifuge


Low speed centrifuge can be used in clinical medicine, biochemistry, immunology, blood station and other industry, is the convention instrument in laboratory.


Characteristics of low speed centrifuge

It has nitrogen protection device to ensure centrifuge lumen is isolation with outside air.


The generality is strong and with the wide range of application. It can used to separate the solid phase, also can separate fibrous materials.


The outer skin is renovate, there is feeding pipe, washing pipe, viewer and lighting hole.


Structure is simple, operation and maintenance is convenient.


It can used to transducer start, the starting is stable, separation factor can be adjusted;  non-contacted dynamic braking system;