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Advantages of use vertical cutting dryer


Vertical Cuttings Dryer is used in the drilling industry for recovery oil from the drilling cuttings. Typical flow-line shaker cuttings maintain a liquid content on average between 15% to 20%.  DC Vertical cutting dryer can lower the liquid content below 4%, in some cases down to 1%.  This can be done while managing up to 60 tons (54,000 kilograms) per hour of drill cuttings. 

Vertical cutting dryer is fed via screw conveyor, vacuum system, or rotary-lobe solids pump from the flow-line shaker discharge.  Drill cuttings are fed into the hopper, and distributed along the inner wall of the screen with the aid of the flites. The liquid phase, or “filtrate”, passes through the screen openings while the vertical scrapers with hardened faces scrape the accumulating cake solids towards the bottom of the cutting dryer for disposal.  

The centrate gravity flows into a containment tank and pumped to a high speed decanter centrifuge for low gravity solids removal.  Upon discharge, the dried cuttings are then safely discharged to the environment, are collected for further treatment, or are staged off-site disposal. 

The advantages of the vertical cutting dryer are adaptable, better treating efficiency, stable working, long service life and can effective recyling the drilling fluid in drilling cuttings. It is the preferred equipment to dry drilling cuttings, recycle drilling fluid and especialy recycle oil base drilling fluid.