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Airtight drilling fluid solid phase control system


In order to adapt the requirements of sea and special area and convenient to transport and install. In the 1970s America and the Soviet Union have already airtight drilling fluid solid control system, it is made of shale shaker, hydrocyclone, drilling fluid mud cleaner, centrifuge, mug agitator and all kinds of tanks, implement drilling fluid closed cycle processing.

When working in cold region or desert water shortage area, the whole device need big metal cabinet to seal it, the system has great adaptive capacity, in some cases it can process all kind of drilling fluid and improve the processing rate of drilling fluid solid phase control equipment, don’t add drilling fluid when working, it can keep drilling fluid density, processing ability is adapting with matching drilling rig, it can remove the drilling cuttings which enter into system, this kind of system most suitable for water shortage area or offshore drill working and it can’t pollute environment.

In airtight drilling fluid solid phase control system, the bottom flow of spiral centrifuge is not be abandoned, it had been given to high speed centrifuge to process, the drilling cuttings is removed is dry. When offshore drilling, the excluded drilling cuttings can through a set of distillation system, after eliminate the oil pollution and water, the processed drilling cuttings are discharged to the sea, it can decrease pollution.