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Analysis of hydrocyclone desander and desilter


Hydrocycolone desander


CSQ series hydrocyclone desander is 2nd solids control equipment.CSQ mainly uses 8”, 10”, 12”desander cones. Desander is to separate particle sized 47-76um. The treating capacity and cones configuration depend on client’s demand. DC desander is widely used in oil and gas drilling, HDD, slurry separation industry.


Hydrocyclone desilter


CNQ series desilter is 3rd phase equipments in solids system. desilter cone including 4” and 5” mainly separate 12-47 um solid. DC desilter is high efficient equipment, decrease cones block chance. Bottom shaker has the features of good performance, lower noise, and long usable life. The balanced feeding design keeps it working very well. 

Contrast of performance


The function of the desander is reducing the load of deserter, improve desilter working efficiency. In the high speed drilling or the shallow well of soli loose, usually use the drilling head of big diameter, so can produce large of drilling cuttings, it can lead to the port of the desilter emission with rope. So need install the desilter upstream of desander, only the desander clean up the large of drilling cuttings with the high concentration fluid, the desilter can disposed all the drilling fluid, this time can turn off the desilter.