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Application evaluation of elliptic drilling fluid shale shaker


Structure characteristics

Elliptic drilling fluid shale shakers are the earliest production, the basic structure is the electric motor according triangle belt drive screen box vibration exciter to rotate produce vibration.

This kind of shale shaker is made of screen box, electric motor, support, drilling fluid into liquid tank, pedestal and tape passport. There is vibration axis on shale shaker screen box, the two sides of vibration shaft have vibration generator assembly, at the end of vibration shaft has belt wheel assembly. Using triangle tape connecting motor belt wheel assembly and screen box belt wheel assembly, transferring power.

Use theory

The shale shakers are mainly drive by the electrical machine to rotate to produce the periodic changed inertia force, drilling fluid solid phase enters into the sieve screen, do the throwing movement on the sieve surface, and then the solid phase particles with different size will be removed. The separation diameters and throughput of shale shakers are the most important factors of matching.

The technology level of shale shakers mainly show at the handing ability (throughput and separated granularity), the stability of working, the length of life and the flexibility of operation. The handing ability of shale shakers is related with the structure of shale shakers, the movement locus, the vibration frequency, the vibration intensity, the area of shale shakers and the degree of thickness. In order to make the shale shakers match with the drilling machineries, the maximum displacement of the drilling pumps and the quantity of drilling cuttings produced must be considered.

Application evaluation

Elliptic drilling fluid shale shaker service our country about 20 years. Because the design of elastic vibration exciter is science, make vibration box stable, the vibration force is big when normal work, throwing index is big, the throughput is big. Especially in big drilling fluid density or mudstone district, it is consistented high praise by drilling workers