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Application of Decanting Centrifuge


There are two reasons to use centrifuges in the process of maintenancing and handling drilling fluid:
(1) Separate selectively the colloidal particles and ultra-fine particles to improve flowing property.
(2) Remove tiny particles in non-weighted drilling fluid.

Using a centrifuge to remove tiny particles which can increase viscosity and dynamic shear force( barites and cuttings), at the same time recycling more valuable big in size weighted solid phase. If not use a centrifuge, all drilling fluid have to be abandoned in order to reduce ultrafine particle concentration, even if it contains massive valuable weighted solids phase.

What's need to be emphasized is, both drilling mud cleaner and centrifuge can remove drill cuttings and recycle most of the barites from weighted drilling fluid. But, the particle size range of these two kinds of equipments removed is different. From a macro point of view, barites a drilling mud cleaner removed is big in size, and small in size for a centrifuge that removed. Their performance can complement each other.


As for the density of weighted drilling fluid that above 1.80g/cm³, it's better to use both equipments. A centrifuge is also often used to handle non-weighted drilling fluid to remove tiny drill cuttings, and twice separating the underflow of cyclones, recycle liquid phase, discharge drilling cuttings.