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Application of drilling fluid centrifuge


The main two reasons of use drilling fluid centrifuge in the process of drilling fluid maintenance and processing.

Selectively separate the colloidal particles and supper fine particles in aggravate drilling fluid.

Eliminating the small particles in not aggravate drilling fluid.

Using centrifuge eliminates the supper fine particles which can increase viscosity and shearing, it also can recover more and valuable big size aggravate solid phase.

If don’t use centrifuge, in order to decrease the supper fine particles concentration, we have to abandon all drilling fluid, even the drilling fluids have a large of valuable aggravate solid phase.

We should attend that, drilling fluid mud cleaner and centrifuge all can eliminate drilling cutting and recover the big parts barites. But the two equipments can eliminate the different size of particles.

Drilling fluid mud cleaner can eliminate the big particles but the centrifuge can eliminate the small size particles. The effect of theirs can replenish each other, to aggravate drilling fluids which the density is bigger than 1.80g/cm3, it is better to use the two equipments.