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Application principle of solid control equipment-Mud gun


Both at home and abroad all use the rectangle drilling fluid circulating tank, because the installation and migration performance of the system is good. Meanwhile, whatever how good the agitator in this condition, the big tank even has a little dead angle. In order to solve the problem, foreign install a low pressure waterpower pipeline in the tank, but our country use the mud gun in the top of the tank to agitate this dead angle.


The mud tank is installed a waterpower agitate pipeline can get rid of the dead angle which is can’t be eliminated with mechanical agitator, but because there are large of waterpower agitate pipeline in vertical tank, it not only can destroy the convection current which is produced by agitator and increase the agitator’s power but also to clean desilting are vey inconvenient. So domestic circulating tank is not installed the pipeline.

According research, Useful effect of mug gun only has 1.5-2.7 m, its size is related with drilling fluid density, viscosity and nozzle speed. The use of mud gun has a certain limitation. Mud gun is a auxiliary toll of mechanical agitate device. The flexible mud can is installed the top of mud tank need adjust at any times, some dead angle are difficult to eliminate. Meanwhile the solid phase have already precipitated in drilling fluid is jetted by mud gun and easy to form blocking to block the cone drilling nozzle cause the damage of drilling pump. The shortcomings limit the application range of mud gun