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Appllication Conditions and Suitability Adjustment of the Decanter Centrifuge


Decanter Centrifuge

The basic appllication conditions for the decanter centrifuge:

 · The materials to be separated should be solid-liquid intermixture such as suspension, not emulsion;
 · There must be a certain differential which big in 0. 06g/cm3 density between all the phases composing suspension or intermixture;
 · The suspension concentration should be 1-40%;
 · The particle size of solid phase should be 0. 005-15mm;
 · The work temperature in the process of separating should be ≤100℃;
 · Appropriate viscosity;

 · Used for: dewatering of solid phase, clarification and separation of liquid phase, liquid-liquid-solid three-phase separation and size-grading. 

Different materials separated have different characteristics. Even the same material displays different separating properties when separated by different techniques or on different conditions. The quality of the separating characteristics will have direct influences on the separating results of the centrifuge and its separating capacity. 

Sedimentation speed is an important index to measure separating characteristics of materials separated, which plays an important role in sedimentation separation. Sedimentation speed mainly depends on the size solid-phase particles, their shapes and differential density and viscosity between solid and liquid, etc. Thus, it can be adjusted and improved by taking the following measures::
 · Adjust work conditions to improve viscosity and increase the differential density between liquid and solid;

 · Add flocculating agent to increase the size of solid particles and change their shapes. 

To those materials difficult to separate, besides adjustment of the materials separated centrifuges may also be adjusted and improved. :

   · increase length-to-diameter ratio
 · adjust rotate speed of drum
 · adjust differential speed of drum with discharge screw
 · change angle of slope of drum in cone section
 · adjust overflow radius of liquid phase outlet
 · change the number of screws of discharge screw and helix angle
 · increase BD plate structure

As for the adjustment of technical parameters and improvement of corresponding parts of a centrifuge, all must be fixed before manufacturing it except that separating rotate speed, differential rotate speed and overflow radius of liquid phase outlet can be changed a little on the separating field. What’ s more, for the different corrosion of materials separate, corrosion resistant materials of different kinds can be used. So when customers ask for information, please tell us in details about natural parameters, work condition and separation requirements, etc. 

Notes:Separating factor is a natural parameter of the centrifuge. It refers to ratio of the centrifugal force on the material separated and the gravity on it in centrifugal force field. Generally speaking, the bigger a separating factor, the better the separating effect. The calculation formula of separating factor Fr is as follows: Fr=m. R. ω2/g=R. ω2/g≈1. 12R. n2. 10-3 where: n--Drum Speed, r/min; R--Drum radiund, m