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Basic introduction of solids control system


Concept: The drilling fluid solids control is a system to clean up the harmful solid phase in the drilling fluid, keep the useful solid phase, and content the demand of drilling fluid performance by drilling craft. The drilling fluid solids control system is the ageneraldesignation of all of the drilling fluid solids control equipments.


Effect: Avoid the blocking and damage of the oil and gas channel, reduce the well drilling torque and friction drag, reduce the pressure oscillation of the annular air suction, increase the velocity of the well drilling, extend life of the drill bit, reduce wear of the equipment, etc.


The process flow of the complete set of solids control system should content the five level solid control of drilling fluid (screening, degassing, desanding, desilting, centrifuge) and the demand of weighting up mud. The optimization match of the solids control equipment is very important, the one to five level of thruput should be matched each other, and the interval of separation size should be appropriate and have a certain overlap, and the smaller particles which are not disposed by the upper can be disposed in the next level.


With the development of well drilling technology, drilling fluid solids control system plays an important role in drilling operation, various kinds of solids control systems emerged at the right moment, no matter how to change the type of solids control system, it’s basic function will not changed. It is depend on organic combination of mechanical removal equipment, drilling fluid storage tanks and other auxiliary equipments to accomplish the basic function.