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CNPC global recruiting top-level overseas talents


Chinese oil press center [2013-06-14]

China oil net, June 14 (reporter Duan Hongyan Dong Xuan) reporter learned from group company personnel department that today China oil foreign announcement, high-level technical personnel recruitment oil industry on a global scale.
It is reported, China's oil to several units in unconventional oil and gas, oil and gas field development, drilling and well completion, well logging instrument, ocean engineering, safety, environmental protection, oil refining, chemical industry, equipment manufacturing, oil and gas storage and transportation, and other areas of the 18 professional to provide high-level overseas talents more than 63 jobs. The hiring, safety and environmental protection, oil refining, chemical industry, drilling and well completion and equipment manufacturing and so on demand more; Unconventional oil and gas development, Marine engineering, Marine project is the need to provide to the development of China's oil to adapt to new jobs.

The recruitment notice has been posted on the web site address:, the registration time deadline is August 31. Registration personnel should have a doctorate in principle; Their chosen professional field has made significant results: or have overseas well-known universities, research institutions or well-known enterprises as senior professional technical or management position; International or peer recognition of major scientific and technological achievements, the core technology with independent intellectual property rights or master industry, familiar with oil and gas related industries and international rules.