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CNQ series desilter


Cyclone desilter is processing drilling fluid in the second and tertiary solids control equipment, according to the hydrocyclone diameter size to differ, divided into desander and desilter. General 6 "a cyclone group known collectively as desilter, is the drilling operation of level 3 solid control equipment, commonly used is 5" and 4 "hydrocyclone。


mainly used for separation of drilling fluid particle size for 15-47 um of solid particles. According to the customer request rate of size, select a few groups swirler combination into desilter. DaChuan Machinery Co., Ltd production desilter are widely used in oil drilling, horizontal directional drilling of cyclone mud separation.


CNQ series desilter


Features: separation ability is high, the separation size range: rotational flow has been the LiuKou with pressure umbrella "wet bottom" row of sand, separate the particles can quickly discharge, reduce the probability of the bottom LiuKou jam;


 Advanced small two screen shale shaker large in capacity, the noise is small, the screen long life, symmetrical intake mechanism make rotational flow distribution is reasonable, stable.