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Centrifugal hydrocyclone desander


Working principle of centrifugal hydrocyclone desander

Centrifugal desander is in view of gravity and centrifugal force to eliminate the solid particles which overweight water, water tangential enter into centrifugal filter from inlet pipe, spinning produce centrifugal force, promoting sand and the high density solid particles move along with the tube wall to form the rotational flow make sand and stone enter into set sand tank, the purification water flow out along with the outlet moth. The filter needs the draining sand treatment at regular intervals.

The use of hydrocyclone desander

Centrifugal hydrocyclone desander mainly used in the primary filtrate, can separate the sand and stone in the water, can meet the requirements of filter, the separation effect is 60-150 mesh, dinas is 98-92%.

Matters need attentions:

In the working moment of centrifugal desander start pump and stop pump, because the water is instability will influence the filter effect.

In front of inlet pipe should install a straight pipe which the diameter is equal with inlet water pipe, the length is the 10-15 times of inlet water diameter to ensure the feed water flow is steady.