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Centrifugal pump bearing lubrication


Centrifugal pump bearing lubrication has two kinds of materials, lubricating grease and lubricating oil.


1 Lubricating grease

A. Because of the pump bearing had smeared with lubricating grease by pump manufacturer, that it is not necessary to smear lubricating grease if pump working under the low speed and low temperature (lower than 120℃)conditions.

B. To guarantee the using life of bearing it must be regularly smeared with lubricating grease if the pump working under the high loading and high temperature (higher than 120℃) conditions.

C. For the pump which must be regularly applied by lubricating grease, sure to select the lubricator which can dissolve with the original used lubricating grease, or will the lubricating effect is bad and the life of bearing is affected.


D. Pouring tool: standard manual grease gun.


E. Pouring period and amount: For the pump which works day and night, once per week and five guns each time to a bearing, also once per month and twenty guns to each bearing. For working eight hours in a day and night, once every three weeks and five guns each time to a bearing.


2 Oil lubricating: Every day inspects it one time, you should pour the oil lubricating according to the request necessary.