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Centrifuge adjustment


1. The drum speed adjustment

Bowl speed is allowed only in manual or centrifuge plate prescribed maximum working speed the following adjustment.

Rated frequency by changing centrifuge need larger or smaller diameter main belt wheel, and at the same time, change a long or short triangular tape method to improve or reduce the drum work speed.

Variable frequency centrifuge through the twist, "accelerated" or "reduction" knob change drum speed.

Improve the drum work speed, can separate more small solid particles, throughput must be reduced, and at the same time, also can cause the wear is intensified, vibration noise, increase the service life of equipment shorten.

Therefore, the proposal according to the separation purpose or drilling fluid sand content reasonable choice drum speed. For instance, barite recovery or processing high-density mud, it is suggested that the low speed; To general medium density mud, choose medium or high speed, low density mud selects high speed decanting centrifuge.

2. Differential speed adjustment

Centrifuge differential speed in its within the prescribed scope of, do not suggest user to adjust, must adjust, can only in a small range change the parameters.

Rated frequency centrifuge adjustment method is: remove the original auxiliary motor pulley, and reloading large diameter or smaller diameter belt wheel, and replace the triangle tape. Auxiliary motor pulley increase, differential input shaft speed enhancement, differential speed decreased; On the other hand, differential speed increase.

For variable frequency centrifuge, twist "accelerated" or "reduction" knob change auxiliary motor speed, so as to change the differential speed. Motor speed increase, decrease and increase speed difference.

High differential speed may cause fluid flow disorder that interfere with solid content of precipitation, reduction of the dump. And low differential speed may cause screw pusher jam.