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Choice of mud agitator impeller


The mixing of the agitator is produced by the movement of the blade. Therefore, the shape, size, quantity and speed of the blades will affect the function of the mixer.

Because of the wide variety of chemical and food industry, there is a wide range of impeller type, so the real control system for oil drilling and solid control system is also only three or four types of impeller. Common agitator impeller can be roughly divided into four types, that is, the paddle type, open type, disc turbine type and propulsion.


After the accumulation of long-term production experience and experimental study, the relative relationship between the size of various types of impeller has a broad range, more than those designed by the impeller, regardless of appearance or performance are not ideal. Similarly, their corresponding operating conditions, the medium viscosity of the flow state has a certain range of recommendations.
At present in the domestic and foreign oil solid control equipment, there are two kinds of commonly used agitator impeller, one is open type turbine, one is disc turbine. Rarely choose paddle and propulsion. And the most of the open turbine type is flat blade. In the disc turbine, the flat blade, the blade and the back curved blade are used. As a result of the opening of the turbine type even without the baffle plate also has a strong upper and lower convection, therefore, in the more advanced drilling fluid mixer has been widely used.