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Classification of drill rig


Rotary drilling rig is divided into three classes

Vertical shaft rotary drill rig; Handlebar gives the feed drill rig, spiral differential motion gives into type, liquid pressure gives into type drill rig. 

Rotating disc type drill rig; steel rope add and subtract pressure drill rig, the hydraulic cylinder add and subtract pressure drill rig.

Move gyrator drill rig; all hydraulic power head drill rig, mechanical power power head drill rig. The rotary drill rig mainly depends on the rotary movement of drill tools broken level to form holes. 
Classification of drilling rig

Impacting type drill rig can be divided into two classes. 

Wire cable impacting drill rig. 

Drill pipe impacting drill rig. 

It is mainly used to drilling tools vertical reciprocating motion, make drill head impacts bottom well to broken the rock formations. The efficiency of impacting drill rig is lower, drilling length is within 250m, sometimes can be achieved to 500-600m. 

Combined type drill rig; the function of the machine is vibration, impacting, rotation and static pressure.