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Composition of mud cleaner in HDD

According to the cleaner very detail shale shaker screen surface shape and vibration shape, drilling fluid cleaner can be divided into rectangular cleaner and circular cleaner, with shale shaker screening technology development, the latter in oil field has no longer in use; According to the separation particle size range is divided into sand cleaner and the mud cleaner two. In addition to sand cleaner separable API defined 44-74 um particles.

Except the mud cleaner separable API defined 15-44 um solid phase particles, Now in the market and widely used desander and desilter cleaner.

Rectangular cleaner is used most widely at home and abroad a cleaner. It is made up of a hydrocyclone group and a plane motion of super detail vibrating screen composition. The specifications of the hydrocyclone is 100 mm, the use of screen mesh for 100-200 mesh, but not less than 100 mesh. Due to the very detail screen wire fine, low intensity, and on the use of laminated screen, the upper pole detail screen up sieve filtration; Lower coarse screen has a mainly bear load effect, can prolong detail screen service life. Hydrocyclone

shell multi-purpose abrasion resistant polyurethane materials, its long service life.

Cleaner used in purification increase drilling fluid, after purification, the drilling fluid from the overflow of the hydrocyclone mouth into the drilling fluid system. Base flow discharge of cuttings, barite and a small amount of liquid flow to the very detail on the screen. Because of barite particle size most of 2-74 um, it and liquid and less than the screen of the cuttings walked back into the drilling fluid system, is greater than the screen hole of cuttings from screen surface discharge. Such already purified the drilling fluid, the drilling fluid performance stable, and recovery the barite and liquid.

Use this cleaner processing not increase drilling fluid, depending on the circumstances, can not start the shale shaker, and screen the installation Angle increase, from the cyclone has been flow mouth discharge of solid particles along the screen surface ruled out. Only a small amount of diameter less than mesh particles return cycle system, basically do not affect drilling fluid performance.

In addition to sand mud one-piece efficient cleaner (also called desanding mud multifunction) is the traditionaldesander and traditional desilter upgrade product, and it belongs to the drilling fluid solids control system of secondary and tertiary solids control equipment, it is hydrocyclone, rotational flow desilter and combination of shale shaker. In addition to sand mud multifunction structure includes desander, desilter, pressure pump, cyclone, bottom flow channel, drilling fluid shale shaker, support and base. Its characteristics in desander and desilter Lord into tube and out of the liquid pipe with control between butterfly valve, base with chute, shale shaker is located in chute, cyclone equipped with automatic sand control blocking device and bottom LiuKou adjusting device.

Relative single desander and desilter is concerned, in addition to sand mud multifunction is large in capacity, fast processing speed, compact structure, easy to operation and maintenance etc advantages, the integrated the shale shaker, cyclone advantages, can quickly remove the harmful drilling fluid solid phase, improve drilling fluid performance, meet the high pressure jet drilling new process requirements.