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Correctly and incorrectly use centrifuge


The treating fluid is divided into two beams by centrifuge: Overflow has a large fluid and the smallest solid phase; Bottom flow, it is made of big and thick solid phase particles and fluid is soaking the solid particles, the traditional centrifuge eliminate the harmful supper fine particles and colloid particle which is make of barite and low specific gravity particles.

The use of new type centrifuge

Now using centrifuge process drilling fluid is very benefit, but improper use can influence production. Continuous use two centrifuges is the error use, the first centrifuge is used to recover barite, the second centrifuge high speed rotate, discharging low specific gravity solid particles, make the clean liquid returning to drilling fluid and is not discharge overflow.

Using hydrocyclone to discharge

Using not aggravate drilling fluid decrease drilling waste is a common practice. But if the recover fluid is not reasonable, it is maybe harmful. Only the solid particles density of recovery fluid is smaller 2 times of the expected concentration of solid particles, it has effect. If the density is higher, the modus operandi led to the number of waste is increase but not decrease. So we must monitor the solid particles content.


The purpose of separating aggravate drilling fluid is removing the colloid or nearly colloidal particle, it can’t eliminate low specific gravity solid particles. Colloid is a very fine particle and even it can’t sediment in pure water. So they can’t separate with separation method. So separating overflow and returning to drilling fluid system always has the return colloid. So it always damaged the particles.