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Correctly choose motor of mud agitator


Choose the type of electromotor

According to the mud agitator working condition choose the YB series flameproof electromotor. YB series flameproof electromotor is a derivative of Y (IP44), the contour dimension id different with Y series (IP44). So YB series electromotor and Y (IP44) series electromotor all have the characteristics of high efficiency, energy conservation, little noise, operation is safe and reasonable, the installation size and power stage accord with the international stander. Otherwise it use seal cooled, strengthen the mechanical strength of crustaceous and guarantee has a certain clearance parameter in each parts’ joint surface.

Choose the volume of electromotor

The choosing of motor volume of mud agitator is whether suitable is effect the work and economic of mud agitator. It can’t guarantee working machine can normal work if the volume is smaller than working requirement or the electromotor is overload with a long times and premature failure. If the volume is big the cost of electromotor is high, ability can’t be fully used. Because it often operate don’t load, efficiency relax and power factor are all decreased, increase the power consumption cause the big cost. To the output power of electromotor of the load is not change and operation a long time in the normal temperature at most the power rating.

Ensure the rotary speed of electromotor


In order to reasonable design the drive device of mud agitator, according the speed requirements of working machine drive shaft and the reasonable drive ratio range can calculate the optional range of electromotor speed.