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Correctly using method of mud cleaner


DCQJ mud cleaner is the second level in drilling fluid solid phase control system. It is the combination of hydrocyclone and shale shaker. The hydrocyclone desander is designed by the theory of particles settling, the separation medium drilling fluid produce a certain pressure and speed through the centrifugal pump, along the hydrocyclone wall spiral enter, the thicker particles along the hydrocyclone spiral sink by the centrifugal and gravity, from the bottom flow to discharge, drop the detail shale shaker to separate, other mediums along the hydrocyclone to rise, along the over flow enter into the third level equipment- deserter to process.
The structure is compact, the design is reasonable, the degassing effect is good.
The materials of hydrocyclone is polyurethane, the abrasive resistance is good, in light weight, it can’t be corroded by the acid, alkali and salt solution, it difficult to aging and ect.
Installation and debugging
Mud cleaner are mainly made of shale shaker, Shunt manifolds, hydrocyclone ect. as flower the picture, the liquid inlet pipe and the over flow pipe are the ends of symmetrical structure, it is easy to install. The stock outlet of desander pump and the liquid inlet pipe of desander is connected by the φ80mm hose. The over flow pipe of desilter drainage to the other drilling fluid tanks by the φ100m rose.
Operation and maintain
In the ideal working condition, underset splash corner is 20-30.
After stop pump, should idle motion 5-10minuates, at the same time use a little water wash the screen. Especially the mud viscosity is big, when use the detail screen, otherwise, the viscous on the screen and after the fine sand is dry, it will be blocking the screen holes, affecting the treatment effect.
Operational maintenance
Checking the shake shaker motor base every shift, if it become less crowded, it should be tightened.
The vibration motor cables are can’t be dismantled random.
The motor bearing revolves 500h should be poured lubricating oil; accumulative total 500h, we should check and replace the lubricating grease, at the same time, checking and replace the bearing.
When accumulative total operation about4000hours should be checked and replace the shell and up cone of hydrocyclone and other vulnerable components.
The using temperature polyurethane hysrocyclone can’ be greater than80C, the lowest can’t be less than -30C The maximum solid particle of the hydrocyclone provide can’t be exceed the feed port narrow edge width of 1/10, if have a lot of coarse particles, it should be removed firstly.
Often checking the desnader pump feeding, equipment, the sand setting month of hydrocyclone are whether unusual.

The fault and the solution

Hydrolyclone rid of sand don’t smooth The diameter matching of the sand setting month unreasonable Matching the reasonable diameter
The mud is too much in the sans setting The working pressure is too small Adjusting the working pressure to 0.1-0.2MPa