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Customized Mud tank and desilter almost finish the production

According to 15 days overwork production. DC Solid control almost the production of the two mud tanks, mud hopper and desander equipment. The specification design equipment manufactured an American drilling company who are our new clients in OTC exhibition. 

The mud tank
A Mud Tank is a container made from steel plate and steel tube with an open top for storing drilling fluids on a drilling rig. The small mud tank dimension, material and paint color all have specification request. 

The mud desilter

The desilter should has should be input pipeline, output line, bottom shaker, base frame, etc. Also there maybe without bottom shaker according to user’s demand. The technique specs should be from user’s requirement on treating capacity, actual operation environment, etc. Usually the desilter cone diameter is 4″. Presently, DC desilter mainly use PU material cones, and clamp type one. Furthermore, there can be desilter cone with bottom shale shaker or not.

DC solid control company offers prospective buyers and extensive selection of quality new and used oil & gas drilling equipment, including shale shaker, desander, desilter, centrifuge, mud hopper, mud tank, cutting dryer and ect. to choose from at competitive prices.