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Customized desilters used for urban construction


Yesterday, we shipped two customized desilterd for Newzealand clients used in urban construction. In order to meet the high requirements of goverment protection environmental, more and more urban constroction use solid control system to reduce the pollution of the city. 

Desilters are the most important part of urban construction solid control system. Generally speaking, desilter is the key part of the system. For mordern urban construction , sometimes clients will choose a desander and a desilter , sometimes they choose a combination of desander desilter and we name it as mud cleaner . Totally speacking , the clients will choose a based shaker for better performance.

This time we shipped the desilter without downstream drying shale shaker with the advantages of small footprint, economic choice.

DC Desilter commonly adapts 4” cyclone which could separate the solid phase particles with size of 15-25 microns. DC desilters hydrocyclones are designed for the most difficult applications manufactured from high-resistant polyurethane.

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