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Cyclone Distributors Design Principals



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Cyclone distributor is used to connect a plurality of cyclones, and a slurry distribution device for cyclones. Cyclone distributor, cyclones, underflow box and other components constitute a hydrocyclone station which can accomplish stage separation treatment of plenty of slurry.
The main function of cyclone distributor is to distribute slurry to cyclones connected on it. Cyclone distributors, according to different shape and structure, can be divided into radial splitter, coaxial distributor and symmetric distributor. Of course, no matter what type of cyclone distributor,  should follow some principles of design.
1. The feed nozzle diameter cyclone distributor must be greater than the liquid inlet pipe diameter, and when the slurry inlet pipe installation, must not have angle with distributor, to ensure smooth slurry transportation.
2. Cyclone distributor inlet pipe must be designed with straight pipe, its length should be at least 9 times than the diameter of the pipe.
3. When the cyclone distributor is in the process of operation, it must be able to make internal flow of slurry to form a stable laminar flow state, in order to achieve better results of distribution.
4. The inlet and outlet cyclone distributor pipe should have an angle not less than 90 .
5. Outlet pipeline of cyclone distributor should maintain a certain length and cannot exist bending part.
6. Shut-off valve the cyclone distributor using must have large circulation area.
The design goal a cyclone distributor follows as the above principles , is to ensure the cyclone distributor can distribute slurry better and flatter to each cyclone, to maintain the maximum inlet size error of each cyclones at a reasonable level.