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DC 2000HP drill rig solid control system for abroad


Abroad famous drill rig service company has 16 sets drill rig in different areas. This time they ordered 3 sets solid control system used for their related drill rigs. 

DC 2000hp drill rig Mud System

One unit of DCZYQ1200 ISO standard Mud Gas Separator with Choke manifold for optional.
Three unit of DCS630-3 back feeder Shale Shaker with connection distributor
One unit of DCZCQ270A self-contained Vacuum Degasser with level sensor to protect over suction of the fluids.
One unit of DCQJ100x12/200x2small footprint Mud Cleaner with 2 desander cones & 12 desilter cones. The deck shaker is same as DCS630 ,linear montion shaker with 3 panel shaker screen.

And 12 sets mud DCJBQ7.5 Mud agitator and different sand pumps 

The client visited DC factory for technical clarification and factory inspection before order. During their visiting, the clients mentioned many reasonable technical design to meet special requirement and convenient operation and adopted a lot of DC suggestions on design details. 

The final design is a good solution for both efforts and effective in many applications and jobsite solids control system usage.