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DC Solid control -Mud cleaner

Drilling fluid desander and desilter all-in-one machine is the second or third level solid control equipment. The molectron of all-in-one machine is made of drilling fluid desander, desilter and shale shaker. 

The mud cleaner works is reasonable and convenient to maintain, it also can efficiency eliminate the solid phase particles which the size is bigger than 30 um suspend in drilling fluid, it can realize the requirements of barites recover in aggravate drilling fluid and the compound drilling fluid. Drilling fluid Mud cleaner is the ideal equipment in petroleum industry. 

Drilling fluid Mud cleaner shale shaker use the special manufacturing anti-explosion motor as the exciter source, the structure is compact, high efficiency and safety. Drilling fluid mud cleaner hydrocyclone adopts the high efficiency Polyamine material to manufacture.  

Desander and desilter hydrocyclone parts have the advantages of not adhering sand, wearproof, corrossion resistance and convenient to install.