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DC Solid control supply Horizontal Mud Agitator


The Horizontal Mud Agitator combines compact design with high torque performance levels necessary for a uniformly suspended flow of drilled solids throughout the mud systems.


DC Solid control supply 5 kinds of mud agitators, respectively are JBQ4, JBQ5.5, JBQ7.5, JBQ11 and JBQ15. DC Horizontal mud agitators include an explosion-proof, “C” faced motor, reduction gearbox (helical-bevel gears for horizontal agitators or all helical gears for vertical units), impeller, and shaft with assembly bushings.

Benefits of DC Mud agitators
Horsepower, mechanical configuration, impeller diameter, and shaft length are customized to tank dimensions and maximum mud weights
Agitator include explosion proof "C" faced motor.


DC Solid control is a leading engineering firm engaged in designing and manufacturing various oil field equipment and auxiliary equipment for gas turbines. Our expertise in robust and highly efficient oil field equipment ensure long and trouble free performance at drilling sites with optimum results