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DC Solid control system used in Siberia


Yesterday, our repeat client from Kazakhstan went to our company to inspect ZJ2000 solid control system and spare parts. The client is a senior professional drilling solid control engineer. 

The client want to see each equipment operating status and want to know how start in our company. In order to meet his requirements, our skilled worker start each equipment and detailed explain to the client with the working principle, matters needing attention and daily maintenance. Meanwhile, the client give the high evaluation to our screen, and decided to order more from DC Solid control.

The client told us, the sytsem is used in Siberia. As we know, the temperature of Siberia can get to -50 centigrade, that is a big challengen to our system, so it must have the high requirements of all equipment and each spare parts, especially the material and motors. The client is expecting to see our equipment working in Siberia. 

At last, we got an agreement that is we must go to Siberia to experience the special whether and see our equipment successfully operate in there. I am really proud of that.