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DC Vacuum degasser have already installed and debugged


Three sets vacuum degasser have already finished and prepared to delivery. Now it has already enter into the stage of installation and debugging. Because vacuum degasser is a very complex equipment, so need many procedures, such as need high technology requirements and subtle manufacturing. DC staff all have been trained by advanced technical training. And each DC equipment should installed and debugged before leave factory to ensure it has no problems. 

DC Vacuum degasser adapt to all kinds of mud solid control system, it play an important role in recovery mud performance, it is also can be used as the big power agitator. 

1 It usees the minupressure degasser,  scientific and reasonable design structure, can realize gas liquid efficiency separation, filter out the impurity and ensure exhaust pipe is always unimpeded. 

2 It adopts the belt drive to avoid the complicate of retarding device, to ensure the work times. 

3 In the process of water ring pump work, it always kept in isothermal state, it is adapted to flammable and combustible gas, the safety performance is reliable. 

4 The mud is shooted to the wall through the window of rotor, the bubbles in the mud is broken, degassing efficiency is high. 

5 Application of gas water separator can't discharge the water and gas at the same time. We can recycled feed the water to vacuum pump. It has the advantages of saving water and environment protection.