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DC designs customized drilling fluid Desilter


Usually the cyclone diameter is less than 6″ is called Desilter, and used as the third-control equipment in drilling operation. We commonly used 5 "and 4" cyclone to separate solid-phase particle size 15-44μm in the drilling fluid. Based on customer requirements and capacity, we can select groups of cyclone into Desilter.

Usually we make desilter cone(4-5"), steel frame or basic support, underset shaker together as desilter. According to user request there can be without underset shaker. Just use the Desilter cone and related frame, support, etc. If there is underset shaker the fluid will be separated once again. If user didn't have too strict demand then the mud will be ok and proper after desilter.

Hydrocylone Desilter separators are one of the important equipment of controlling the solids in the drill fluid. The action is to remove the harmful solids, promote the drill fluid performance and separate 15-44μm solids particles accounting for over 60﹪ of solids quantity. When the quick drilling is made in the soft formation, the shale shaker only can remove large solids particles, but the Hydrocylone Desilter separators can remove fine solids particles, fully promoting the solids control efficiency. Therefore, it is especially suitable for the well site where the formation is considerable hard and the drilling speed is slower so that the cuttings is very fine in particle size.

DC Machinery has experienced engineers, who can design desilter according to customers’ requirements. Any interest please contact us freely.