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DC drilling fluid frame bonding shaker screen


Frame bonding shaker screen is made of four layers structure, the skin layer, interlayer, support layer and the frame layer. It has the high intensity steel frame, support frame and the moderate tension of screen, it make the whole screen form a reasonable whole, the ability of resistance mud impact is increase and extend using life time. The number of each layer of the fabric is different, the accurate and reasonable collocation make screening effect is more detailed, not only can ensure enough strength but also can increase the active area in screening process.

The frame bonding shake screen use wedge of tension bridle, make the installation of shaker screen is more convenient and rapid, save the screen changing time, improve drilling working efficiency.

The bolting cloth is divided into multiple independent net surface units, after the net surface is damaged, we can use the special rubber plug to repair and continue to use. This kind of design can prevent the damage surface ceaseless extend, it also can increase the using time of screen, decrease the replacement times of screen, decreasing drilling cost.

In drilling construction process, sieve net layer can effective control the screen size of drilling fluid, guarantee the performance stander of drilling fluid is steady, catenary network layer has a certain mechanical strength, it can bear the impact effect which because shale shaker vibrate produce drilling cuttings to the screen. Following the development of shaker screen technology and screening technology, now oilfield have already used the pore plate and the frame bonding shaker screen.