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DC professional solid control equipment - centrifugal pump


Our company is mainly produce solid control system process equipment. Centrifugal pump is one of solid control processed equipment.

Solid control system is made of all kinds of processed equipments and drilling fluid circulation processed tank. Drilling fluid is a kind of circulation fluid in drilling process. Its main combinations are water, activity solid phase, inertia solid phase, chemical treatment agent the four parts, according to each component ratio between, and mutual effect formation the different performance mud, so drilling fluid composition is the key factor to adjust the performance.

Centrifugal pump is a special type, it is the power source of drilling fluid solid control equipment desander, desilter, hydrocyclone device, it also as the perfusion pump, the supply pump of the well month and the exchange and transportation pump of the drilling fluid circulation.

The characteristics and advantages of our centrifugal pump

• The type of the impeller is the semi-open type, the number of the impeller is more less, impeller radial direction is small, impeller width is big, impeller inlet angle is big and exit angle is small, impeller line type is spiral line, to guarantee the injection is good, wear resistance is good, the efficiency is higher than 6%-10% of the circular arc line blade.
• Centrifugal pump volute chamber use the quasi spiral, volute chamber section is rectangle, the volute and impeller use the area radio to design, control the fluid speed of laryngeal, keep it in a certain fluid speed range, it has the high efficiency, wear resistance.
• Seal type use the newest mechanical seal, oil seal combination with the new type of oil contamination asbestos packing ring seal combination of shaft seal to seal.
• The centrifugal pump has the low pressure, great discharge, aspiration is good, high efficiency and the operation is steady and safety, is easy to maintain and adjust, leakage rate is small, long service life, it can widely to meet requirements of customers.
• Centrifugal pump is according the systematic distortion of motion law field and the pressure field of solid and liquid the two phase, according the best working parameters to decided, for water conservancy design, keep it fit the motion law of the two phase in the pump.