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DC solid control equipments delivered to Russia


This week,DC signed an order of five sets of DC solid control equipment delivered to Russia.

The shale shaker is DCS630-3 ,the mud cleaner is for DCQJ250×3/100×16,and DCSB 8×6-14 centrifuge pump,DCJBQ 7.5 for mud agitator,and the water pump,and the DCLW 250-980N for centrifuge,the matching shaker coincides with the mud cleaner,this time the parameters guests needed is coincides with our production equipment,if customers have a customized request ,we also can meet it.

The customers came our factory yesterday,they all carefully inspected all equipments ,and they were very satisfied with our equipments offered to them and took photos to report to other board company.

 DC arranged the railway transport as customers’ requirement after their visited and deliver equipments on 16 December,yes,that is today,DC will adhere to commitments during later after-sales services to provide services required by customers.

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