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DCJJBQ15 Mud agitators packaged well and shipped to Pakistan

By yesterday, an order of 10 sets JBQ15 mud agitator packaged well and waiting for ship to Pakistan. The order is from a repeat clients of Pakistan who is a state owned drilling company and cooperate with DC Solid control has about 3 years.

DCJBQ Mud Agitators serve the drilling industry with quality, time-proven mechanical agitation. The horizontally mounted JBQ series agitator has been the industry standard for many years. Its rugged design, simplicity and dependability have made it the preferred choice of a majority of operators and contractors.

JBQ series agitators align the motor shaft with the gear reducer output shaft. The explosion-proof, C-face motor bolts on and couples to the double reduction helical gearbox. The entire assembly bolts to a fabricated steel base plate, which is then mounted on the tank.

Due to the simplex turbine decelerator, this product is featured by compact construction, light weight, balanced transmission, low noise, high efficiency of transmission and strong agitating power. Therefore, it is a reliable product in the solids control system.

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