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DCLW 600-1019N Decanter centrifuge used for Turkey drilling site


DCLW600-1019N decanter centrifuge is a professional unit for oil& gas drilling site. Recent days, DC Solid control delivery a set of DCLW600-1019N centrifuge to Turkey market.

Usually, the centrifuge used for oil and gas drilling is to be as the third separation equipment, before it there are shale shaker and mud cleaner. Drilling rig centrifuges have got large development on both structure and functions. Especially there are many manufacturers design centrifuges according to drilling mud features or property. Then the centrifuge become many models and types used in various drilling projects.


The bowl diameter of the DCLW600-1019 Decanter Centrifuge is around 24 inch (600mm) with bowl length 43inch (1019mm), DCLW600-1019N  Decanter Centrifuge is driven by a High Torch Sun-Wheel Gear Box with Single motor. This design is to get the right result for customer with lowest production cost.


For the cost. Since now DC Solid control is designing and manufacturing decanting centrifuge as special equipment for drilling fluids solids control instead of former chemical centrifuge. This decrease much cost and investment.