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DCLW Series centrifuges for dewatering processes

Being the leader in solid/liquid separation, DC Solid control also has experience in Dewatering processes specifically with a 

Biosolids medium. We have the unique ability to adapt its process and rapidly improve effectiveness and efficiency. 

DCLW Series centrifuges will continue to attract high demand as the solids control industry requires higher processing capacities with increased operational complexity and environmental considerations. With reliability as a company goal, DC Solid control has been able to build centrifuges with a low total cost of ownership, and ensure owners of our centrifuges long-term profitability.

DCLW series centrifuge is made of the motor, control system the two parts, the big density centrifuge matching use with the high speed centrifuge, it simplified the solid control system, decreasing the power, increasing the purification efficiency.

The decanter centrifuge has the advantages which other centrifuge doen’t have

1 The adaptability of the material is big, the separation range of the particles is big.
2 It is automatic, continuation, long running, it is easy to maintain, it can operate with seal.
3 The throughput of single machine is big, structure is compact, cover area is small and the operation cost is low.
4 It can realize remote automation control.
DC Solid control not only supplies centrifuges but also the required surface equipment to ensure your job is a success. We have numerous sizes of centrifuges, floating & submersible pumps, large particle shaker systems, polymer mixing & injection tanks and waste box.