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DCLW decanter centrifuge for sale


The size of the centrifuge is expressed as the bowl diameter and length, for instance 18in x 20in. A larger centrifuge can process more mud to the same size of separation, or the same amount of mud to a finer separation, than a smaller centrifuge. 

All the other equipment described above processes the full mud flow rate; the centrifuge only processes part of the mud stream. When drilling is slow and relatively frequent trips are made( during which centrifuging continues), then one centrifuge is usually sufficient to keep up with the small solids entering the mud. 

It may be necessary to use some mud dilution when drilling fast with few trips in order to maintain the programmed properties, unless a second centrifuge can be obtained or the deterioration in properties tolerated. 

Adjustment and maintenance of the centrifuge is best left to a technician who is familiar with the particular model of centrifuge. You can choose to have the feed rate adjusted to process relatively high volumes to a coarser particle size or reduce the feed rate to remove finer particles-down to 2 micron(barite size) should be possible in water-based mud. These adjustments are not obtained simply by changing the rate of mud supply to the centrifuge, but changes are made in the centrifuge to 

the overflow port settings as well