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DCQJ250x2 100x12 Operation manual of mud cleaner

DCQ250×2/100×12 drilling fluid mud cleaner is made of DCS700-3 drilling fluid linear motion shale shaker, a set of 2 10” cone desander and a set of 12 4” cone desilter new drilling fluid solid phase treating equipment. It is mainly used to eliminate the solid phase with the 20-74um after disposed by shale shaker, make drilling fluid has the smallest loss. 

Use and application range

DCQ250×2/100×12 drilling fluid mud cleaner has the characteristics of compact structure, save the tank surface space, convenient to install and with the big treating capacity. 

working principle
In normal condition, desander group mainly eliminate 44-74um sand solid phase, desilter group mainly eliminate 20-44um mud solid phase, but the cleaning screen used to recover liquid phase or barite. 

Drilling fluid mud cleaner desander group and desilter group needn’t the special maintenance, we should check the hydrocyclone wearing condition at regular period, if the thickness of any one of hydrocyclone decrease reached to 50% must be replaced; And we should often check screen wearing condition, according to the damaged condition to sectional repair or replace the whole screen.