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DCS Shale shaker in control system


DCS series shale shaker is the first phase solid control equipment in whole control system.There are many different designs and research into the best design is constantly ongoing since solids control is vital in keeping down the costs associated with drilling fluid .Shale shaker separates the large amount of solid particles in the drilling fluid from the well as to enter the second stage separating equipment .

 DC machinery is a professional manufacturer which combines research and development ,production ,marketing and technology service .

Details :

First :All the two types of elliptical and linear shale shaker can separate the cuttings effectively due to special structure and design .

Second :Fix the vibration motor on screen frame by strong support bar and situate it on screen bed .Using base frame ,the vibration motor can affect the vibration force (G-force )on screen cloth directly .Avoid the shaking effects on screen basket by isolation mounting .

Third : Coating with high wearing resistance anti-erosion capability.

Forth : Imported engine with adjustable excited force id used to give the machine an outstanding comprehensive performance .(Italy OLI brand ,US Martin motor)

Fifth : Electrical components ( SIEMENS ,Schneider Brand )

Sixth : with alloy steel Q345 material with higher strength .


In recent times the relative cost of HDD has fallen to bellow that of trenching for many applications ,meaning the popularity of this technology will continue to rise .

As a manufacturer ,DaChuan Machinery provides a complete line of drilling fluids ,solids control and drilling waste management equipment and service for HDD Mining & Waterwell .