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DCZCQ240 Vacuum degasser for the Iran customer


One set of DCZCQ240 vacuum degasser produced for Iran customer had already finished the production period. The vacuum degasser used for drill depth above 3000m to remove the big bubble in the returned drilling fluid.

Vacuum degasser of drilling mud solids control system produced by DC Machinery, it plays an important role in restoring drilling mud performance, and can also be an agitator with big power.

Working principle of mud gas separator

The gas cut drilling fluid enter into separator from the separator inlet month, after impacting with the impact plate, scattered in a series baffle, crashing and increase and reveal the surface area, then downward flow causing the flocculated flow state, make the gas separation with drilling fluid. The free gas is discharged through the gas outlet of the top tank, the length of the exhaust pipe is decided and installed by the field and is lead to the safe place, but the after degassing drilling fluid flow into circulating tank through drilling fluids shale shaker.

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